perfect material for asphalt repair

Easy and quick repair solution of bituminous pavement roads, quick repair of holes, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, replacement of bridge joints and ditches.


Just add water and compact


Resistant as hot Bituminous


Quickly hardened and able to withstand traffic


Prevents the aggravation of failure and repeated repairs - less cots over life cycle


No solvents or emissions


Just add water and compact


Resistant as hot Bituminous


Quickly hardened and able to withstand traffic


Prevents the aggravation of failure and repeated repairs - less cots over life cycle


No solvents or emissions

The professional solution for Asphalt road repair.

AQUAPATCH is an innovative and patented cold bituminous mix that is activated in contact with water and fully solidifies in minutes. AQUAPATCH begins to harden immediately after adding water.

AQUAPATCH is a solution that allows you to make permanent repairs of bituminous and concrete pavements, in an easy, safe, economical, durable and sustainable way.

AQUAPATCH has excellent durability and the same final resistance as hot bituminous. AQUAPATCH uses a patented mix of organic additives that are environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic.

AQUA PATCH does not produce leaching or evaporation of hydrocarbons in the soil or atmosphere and can be used in all types of weather – cold or hot, humid or dry.
Water or moisture in the repair area is not a problem. Because AQUAPATCH is water-activated, it helps speed up the bonding and hardening process. No adhesion coating is required, speeding up the entire repair process as much as possible.




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Repair Crews:

AQUAPATCH saves repair teams a lot of time as it eliminates the need for costly trips to the asphalt plant.
AQUA PATCH doesn’t have the time constraints associated with hot mix, or even warm mix asphalt. Just keep it dry until it’s time to use it. Then simply add water, tamp it down, and it’s traffic ready in less than one hour.

Facility Maintenance Teams

AQUAPATCH is ideal for airports, hospitals, schools and other facilities that occasionally need quick road and pavement repairs.

Keeping some AQUAPATCH bags in stock can save you a lot of money by making it easy to make a immediately repair. You can avoid the cost and delays associated with asking for a minimum amount higher than that required from the local Asphalt plant. As well as the inconvenience caused by the unloading of transport trucks, etc. By repairing a hole as soon as possible and immediately, it also improves safety conditions, avoiding furhter deterioration and a more expensive repair ahead, while also reducing your liability.

Quickly and permanently repair any hole with AQUAPATCH.


1- Remove loose debris and clean the area to be patched.

2- Pour AQUA PATCH in the hole.

3- Spread and level. If deeper than 5cm, apply in two layers.

4- Pour water evenly over the intervention area.

5- Compact and allow one hour to be traffic-ready.


1- Remove loose debris and clean the area to be patched.

2- Pour AQUA PATCH in the hole.

3- Spread and level. If deeper than 5cm, apply in two layers.

4- Pour water evenly over the intervention area.

5- Compact and allow one hour to be traffic-ready.


Watch how you can repair a damaged road quickly and easily.

SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS) can be downloaded here.

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Frequently Asked questions

AQUAPATCH begins to harden immediately after adding water. It also has excellent durability and the same final resistance of hot mixed bituminous.

In conventional cold bituminous pavement patches (of volatile hardening type) mineral-based lubricating oils are added during the mixing and manufacturing process to ensure sufficient workability at normal temperatures. The mixture hardens as lubricating oils volatilize after application. In real repair scenarios, lubricating oil usually remains in the mixture to some extent, leaving the adhesive softened for several months.

AQUAPATCH uses a special lubricating oil instead of mineral-based lubricating oil. The main feature of this lubricating oil is that it hardens when mixed with water and organic additives (added during the manufacturing phase). The addition of water to the mixture during the installation process causes this special lubricating oil to suffer a chemical reaction with the accelerator, which hardens the repair adhesive. The speed of this chemical reaction results in the rapid hardening of the mixture.

The mixture hardens faster at higher temperatures. At temperatures below 0°C, it’s cold enough for asphalt cement to harden without a chemical reaction. The mixture retains frozen water and the chemical reaction resumes when the ice melts. There are no worries about the durability of the whole mixture.

  • Asphalt road patching
  • Areas where hot-mix asphalt (HMA) is difficult to use (such as narrow roads and areas where open flames are prohibited)
  • Utility cuts and manhole repairs
  • Driveways, walkways and parking lots

AQUA PATCH should be applied in layers of 1 to 3 cm thick. Apply AQUA PATCH in 2 layers if each layer exceeds 5 cm in thickness. The second layer must be applied immediately after the first layer, and twice the amount of water is added over the repair area. Tamp the entire surface.

You can install AQUA PATCH over ordinary asphalt pavement. AQUA PATCH cannot be installed over steel, plastic, or concrete materials due to poor adhesive characteristics. AQUA PATCH can be used in either asphalt or concrete potholes. AQUA PATCH can be applied in a concrete pothole because it binds to the concrete edges through mechanical bonding.

It is not recommended to apply AQUAPATCH directly onto soil. Applying AQUAPATCH directly onto soft surfaces can cause sagging and premature cracking. If there is loose soil, tamp it down to make a firm foundation.

AQUA Patch cannot be used in a thin layer, so it should not be spread over a shallow hole. The minimum depth requirement of the hole is 3cm. If the hole is greater than 5 cm deep, apply multiple layers of AQUA PATCH, add water, and compact the layers together.

The mixture can be compacted by stepping on it, so only a shovel and water are required. Using mechanical compaction (such as a plate compactor or tamper) helps to improve durability.

Water should be applied as evenly as possible using a funnel or plastic water bottle. It is advised that 1 quart of water is required per bag, but there are no issues using more water exceeding this amount.

Yes, you can use it in the rain. Note that the mixture will harden in rainwater, so it is recommended to quickly compact the material after application.

It is not necessary to drain the puddles. You can use the water in the puddles and add less water before compacting AQUA PATCH.

You can apply AQUA PATCH as long as the temperature is higher than 14 °F. Note that the water being applied should be kept warm (at normal room temperature) within the work vehicle.

No, it is safe to touch AQUA PATCH with bare hands. To protect from dirt, wear gloves and protective eye wear when handling AQUA PATCH.

Straight roads and long curved roads: ready for traffic immediately after installation – About 1 hour curing is recommended at the site where vehicles make sharp turns.

Areas where car tires can push up against the repaired patch (like parking areas): ready for traffic after 2 hours.

Sidewalks: 30 minutes See the technical documentation for details.

AQUA PATCH will generally last as long as ordinary hot-mix asphalt. The service life of the repaired area can be affected by the volume of traffic, or by the structural integrity and extent of damage of the surface. The patch may become quickly damaged if the repaired area is structurally damaged, or if there is a lack of support (such as areas where there is major sagging along the finished surface due to vehicle movement, or from being applied directly on top of mud). Premature cracks may appear if AQUA PATCH is used over an area that is already cracked.

Store bags of AQUA PATCH in indoor or outdoor areas that are out of the rain. Avoid direct exposure to sunshine and rain.

Six months from the date of manufacture.

It is recommended to use the entire bag of AQUA PATCH in one use. If you want to use any of the remaining quantity of AQUA PATCH, seal the bag properly and use it as soon as possible (within 1 day). Before reusing the material, check that it has not begun to harden.

Aquapatch Saves money – Eliminates repeat repairs, no need to do the job twice.

It will last for years and in many cases can last longer than the hot mixed Asphalt.



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